Let Love Heal specializes in Reiki, angel, and crystal healing. Our journey in the world of healing began in 2007, and it has been a transformative experience for our team, not only in addressing physical and emotional challenges but also in sharing the profound impact of emotional well-being on manifesting a positive reality.

The power of healing constitutes three powerful healing energies – Angel, Reiki and Crystal healing. Uniting these power energies will bring a great peaceful healing session, a positive outlook not only on yourself but unto others as well.

Reiki is universal healing light (Rei = higher power; Ki = life force energy).

Angel healing consists of angel energy/presence guiding you to heal the right situation and/or physical ailment; certain angels who aid during a healing session would be Archangel Raphael who is the angel of health.  Overall, health is a balance between mental, emotional and physical balance and wellbeing.

Crystal healing consists of beautiful natural elements found on earth (e.g. rock/crystals) to come and aid humanity and earth.  The vibration and energy of these crystals and rock elements are to balance the energy centers in our body called the chakras.

Chakras are very important in our overall system; they govern the way we function mentally, emotionally and physically. It is suggested that our physical ailments are due to our emotional upsets that fester for long periods of time and do not come to a peaceful understanding.  Anger, guilt, jealously, impatience and  all other ego based emotions can create di-sease in our body.

Another extremely important tool to incorporate in your overall healing and in also manifesting your desires is the power of affirmations.   I began utilizing affirmations to manifest all of my desires and I have to mainly thank Mary Louise-Hay, the author of “You Can Heal Your Life”.  I cannot comment enough on how incredible this beautiful book is and how amazing Mary Louis is for having the energy to create such healing in a book.  “You Can Heal your Life “has brought a major impact on myself and countless others.  I found a great amount of healing with her words, her experience and her healing chart.   Mary Louise’s healing chart explains each ailment and describes the affirmation to help cure the ailment. A very important fact to keep in mind – to acquire a blossoming YOU means to create a balance in your mental, emotional and physical body and below is a brief explanation:

Mental healing: feeding your mind with healthy thoughts about yourself and others;

Emotional healing: being at ease when your emotions get the best of us and to always remember to take deep breaths; and

Physical healing: ingesting only good foods for the body.

The three powers of healing can be incorporated with other medical or therapeutic treatments and also bring relief of certain medical treatments such as chemotherapy.

A three power healing session will make you feel at peace, relaxed, secure, optimistic and ready to tackle all tasks with a positive outlook in life and it has been proven to create miraculous results in health and emotional well-being.

I ask for anyone crossing my path and this page to please learn, grow, play, laugh, forgive and pass along the message of living in the present moment and letting go of all that does not serve you.


Only light, love and happiness for you