2024-02-07 14:56:27

Boy, it has been a busy few weeks with school, family commitments and your life purpose. When you want to change the routine and the energy, you have to sacrifice your time sometimes. I look forward to a weekend of ease, and I trust that will soon come. For now, I'm enjoying the busyness with a smile. When I say busyness, it's putting in your normal work hours and handling productivity well. I combine it with a good cup of flavored coffee made at home,with a touch of almond whip cream, sprinkle of cinnamon on top and a touch of magic. Add little happy moments during your day. Put some good music on while moving through tasks. When you feel agitated, try not to react, instead, connect with yourself and say, "I trust this process, this is not going to kill me, this is all good for me" and then say thank you.

This is something I have been saying to myself since the beginning of the year, and all I can say is, that it feels liberating. I feel as if the Universe just grabs you and carries you like a baby when it feels your complete trust in the process of life. Things just flow very smoothly. 

I wish you all goodness, healing and joy. This Saturday, February, 10, 2024, I will be at The Hofford Mill for the Winter Wellness event conducting Reiki Healings. There will be many healing practioners and also interesitng lectures. Come join us for a time of renewal and much love.

The Hofford Mill
500 Bridge Street
Weissport, PA
12pm - 4pm  

Love to you all!

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