The Magic of Affirmations

2023-11-25 17:21:18

In this day and age we have all heard about the power of affirmations.  I personally learned it from renowned author and spiritual teacher Doreen Virtue and self-help speaker and author Mary Louise Hay.  I guarantee if we apply affirmations in our daily life, your world and the way you view the world will change dramatically.

When I was younger I had a few pessimistic tendencies in thought.  A few negative thought tendencies were: I’m never going to find true love, I’m never going to be creative or my current downer (which I’m acknowledging as I write) “I never have free time”.

The damaging word in these sentences is NEVER.  The never word is sometimes fueled with so much energy that it will actually manifest.  This is the law of attraction.  Our mind, our thoughts our emotions create it.  As I learned and practiced affirmations, I started to believe what I was saying.  At first I practiced the true love affirmation.  I changed my wording and stated “I find true love”.  I repeated this as a mantra, mentally all day, as I showered, cooked, changed clothes etc. You obviously take breaks but the most important factor to remember is you have sent the intention out to the universe.

The powers of your mind, emotions and the universe are intertwined and bring you the result. It marinates, it brews and then, your result magically appears.  It’s pretty impressive.

You can apply affirmations for love, abundance, opportunities, healing etc.

I can state all the events that have happened to me but it would be too much to list.  Let’s just say abundance has come in many ways for me, finding money in weird places, receiving checks out of the blue, you name it!

One person did say to me that she found it too overwhelming to apply one affirmation for money and another for love.  It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to me a complicated math equation.  Just do it!

Your precious mind can think so many things and events and worries in one split second.  Instead of worrying about money, paying rent, finding the right job, finding happiness, just incorporate affirmations into your daily life, the more you say them mentally, the more you will believe and create it.

For many of you that might not know how to begin, let’s start off by doing 5-10 minutes in the morning.  You can be riding the train to work, driving your car etc, just mentally say your affirmations for just 5 minutes and then when you get the hang of it just gradually increase it to 10 minutes and that’s literally all you need to do.  These 5-10 minutes spent are pure gold.

Some affirmations to exercise:

I am full of abundance and blessings

I am full of love

I attract wonderful relationships all day everyday

I am full of great loving energy

If you’re looking to move and find a place you can say: I find a great apt or house in a peaceful and safe neighborhood at a great affordable price.

Always remember to keep your affirmations positive and in the present tense.  Please refrain from a negative affirmation such as “I have a man who is not a cheater, who is not a couch potato”.  You have already started your affirmation in a negative way.  Instead, you can use “I have a great loving husband who is passionate, faithful and trustworthy”.

I will be sharing with you in the near future how to combine affirmations with other magical ways to bring your desired outcome to fruition.  For now, practice your affirmations!

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