Re-Alignment - Feel the Ebb and Flow of Life

2023-12-14 20:48:09

I’m not sure how everyone is feeling right now. I have been very disconnected with myself the past few days. I have been battling many emotions and circumstances that I have no control. It makes me wish for a magical wand that takes our worries away. I was able to detach a bit from sad thoughts and dreadful outcomes by spending time with my family and working on my final English paper for the semester. I woke up this morning feeling lighter, and I decided to draw a card for everyone and myself included. This message was spot-on:

In the turmoil of life, it is easy to be carried away on a current that is taking you away from where you want to be. Mother of Water comes to help you swim back into the flow of divine alignment. Life is a sea of energetic forces pushing and pulling; if you feel battered and bruised and as though you are gasping for air, Goddess is here to guide you to still waters.

This card tells us to hold a breathing practice and notice the uncomfortable emotions and thoughts that may arise. Be aware of the discomfort and accept it for what it is; perhaps its sadness, regret, shame or guilt. Welcome it with compassion, for you are the host and it is merely a passing guest. If at times tears flow or the body needs to rock or move, let it do so. (Wendy Andrew)

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