2023-11-25 18:19:13

My thoughts for today are about Growth.

Now growth can be in so many ways, physical growth, intellectual growth, business growth and also a very important one, internal growth.  Living in truth, living and accepting the ups and downs in life and moving forward, having hope and faith.

If you think about it, internal growth sheds a big light to the world.  When we want to work on ourselves in brings a big shift to us internally and around us all.


“I am beautiful” “I have a perfect functioning body” “I am attractive” “I am loved”.

As we internally grow, we inspire others.  Internal growth does not come easy and that is why life comes with challenges because these challenges mean growth.  Think about this, what challenges seem to come frequently in your life?  Money challenges, marital challenges, friendship challenges?  If you think about it, maybe these challenges come up like a sign to make it work differently for yourself.  Instead of acting in the same way, perhaps adopt a new pattern and see how it feels, how it goes? Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel at ease?

You also might notice, some of us are ready to grow and some want to stay in the same habits.  Some of these habits include drama, gossip, anger, resentment, judgment.  What does that lead to? It leads to recurring drama, anger, resentment etc. So you’re not really heading upwards.  You continue remaining in a stale place.

Once we have an acknowledgement of what we need to grow and change internally, the shift becomes remarkable, it might be achy but it leads to miraculous moments and miracles in your life.

I can share with you some issues I had with myself.  As I started healing some of these features, my overall happiness and manifestations started blossoming.

Self-Image:  I complained about my face, my thighs, my butt, everything.  Am I attractive enough? Why do they think I’m attractive?

The reality in life is, not everyone is perfect. Not everyone has the perfect body and perfect heart.  We have a mix of likes and dislikes and to me that’s perfect enough and that’s the balance of life.  (The yin and the yang).   I started affirming to myself “I am beautiful” “I have a perfect functioning body” “I am attractive” “I am loved”.  I said it constantly I started to believe it and own it.  I also practice my own healing methods with my Reiki and crystal therapy and my insecurities started drifting away. Now my other problem was, I wanted to change this in me so strongly; I wanted the changes and growth to happen NOW since feeling doubtful about myself made me feel upset and annoyed, the opposite of feeling good.  So with growth and the intent of growth also comes the big one “Patience”.  We have to have patience with our growth cycle.

Resentment: As we carry anger and resentment, like I mentioned in one of my earlier topics, we carry on that burden.  Let go of the anger, forgive, do yourself a favor and feel free, feel free from the anger, the recurring thoughts and feel free, accept and let go.

These are only a few and I know I definitely have more to grow and I look forward to it and I hope I recognize the patterns in my life that keep recurring for me and I hope you do to.  Also, another important note, as I acknowledged to internally grow my body became healthier, stronger, and free of pain.  Once we start acknowledging and making small changes, we change the patterns in us, in our offspring and in humanity.

Let’s dig deeper.

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