Go with the Flow

2024-01-30 18:27:48

Happy New Year to All,

I've been hibernating a bit. The beginning of this year was different for me. I was not ready or hyper focused on setting my intentions and goals for 2024. The only inpiration and desire was to send my family, friends and the planet, a big energetic hug; full of love and harmonious moments. I don't want to rush my life, rush my goals, rush my to-do's. I want to take it one step at a time; one intention at a time.

I'm slow as a turle and enjoying it. I have plans to serve my purpose and I'm spacing these plans with ease and love. Rush and control is something I want to avoid, and some months this might not be prevented and that's okay. 

Also, If I experience doubt or a level of fear on how things will happen or should happen, I call upon my angels and my spiritual tribe; I ask for their support in accomplishing my needs in an easy flowing way. Try this when you're in doubt or you feel a sort of way you can't really describe:

1. take a deep breath
2. connect
3. ask for whatt you need at the moment and be clear
4. say thank you and Let it go and flow.

Sending you all a BIG energetic hug.



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