Breaking Free from Lazy Patterns

2024-02-23 20:43:04

I never thought of myself as lazy. My mind has always been high-functioning; always finding the next thing to do. When my kids were little, I always had something fun to do with them and I was barely home. This led to extreme exhaustion, but looking back, I wouldn’t trade those moments for the world.

Now that my kids are in their preteen and teen years, I am noticing the extra time on my hands, which has brought the opportunity to question my life and how to be of service. Before reaching this understanding, I noticed I was falling into old patterns. Ever since I was little, television was always my best friend. Watching old movies on my VHS and knowing all the lines to the Never-ending Story was what brought me joy and comfort. Other than playing with my Barbies, television was my identity.

Arts and crafts weren’t a thing back then, or it wasn’t introduced in my life unless it was a project for school. As a mother, I made sure my kids would immerse themselves in paint, paper, crayons, and the works! I cherish those moments. I wonder if I had been exposed to creative outlets as a child, would I have been a famous artist?

That doesn’t matter now, what matters is how I proceed with my vision going forward. My vision and hope are to bring healing and awareness to others. I’m big on asking my guides and angels for help but that also requires to put in the work. This has led me to take a step towards my purpose at least once a day or once a week, but the main goal is, to create action. I used to love binge-watching old and new shows. But, what does that do with your time? If you think about it, you are living in non-reality. You immerse yourself in a show that is not tangible. To be clear, I still make time to cuddle with the family and watch exciting shows at night. My kids look forward to it and I do too.

Make time for your dreams and don’t let binge-watching get in the way.

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